Shine light on the darkest bits;
There’s currency to earn,
There’s credentials to be culled from it
First they blossom, then they burn.

What is suffering but a fledgling brand?
What’s a secret in a song?
What’s more harmful than a helping hand
That’s been curled up crooked all along?

Bear witness to the ghost,
Break the habit, break the mold.
The saddest story ever told
Is too trivial to behold
Until you’ve told it right.
You’ve told it right.

Which one is prophet, which is predator?
How much merit will be lost?
Tie a ribbon round a festering wound
Cut the losses, cut the whole limb off.

Cry revelation, play revisionist
You change a word and you get a third.
Raise the alarm, raise your bleeding wrists,
Raise your whole reason to the sky.

Bear witness to the ghost,
Cut the cable, thank the host.
The saddest story ever told
Is too trivial to behold.
Why don’t you hold it tight?
Hold it tight.
Hold it tight.
Hold it tight.

Pour out another
And I won’t bother
Taking a ride

Cuz I’ve been wondering
If I should be leaving
Or if you’ve arrived

Open sesame
My will is gone and I have to carry on
Who will share my hiding place?
Holy, holy shit
Your hair’s on fire
And I am a hand for hire
Though the water carries weight

Cuz I’m a Monday
And you’re a Tuesday
And we’re out of time

If you behaved the way you felt, I might make it through this melt,
I might feel warmer.
If you taste the way you smell I know I’ll face a certain hell while we’re apart.
I’d like to practice all discretion,

My main point of contention is the silence we’ve employed instead of words.
You are a bird
You haven’t flown
I’m here to stay
I would gladly be your home.

This tragedy is defined by the absurd amount of time that I have wasted.
I know it’s hard to read my mind, I’m wasted half the time
But I might face that.
I might change my ways for you, I might even see that through.
We’re legends in the making in my mind.

Take me to that mountain range
Where you grew up fast, you grew up so strange.
I am overjoyed; I’ve been undermined.
I still can’t wait for our summer flight.

There’s a time and there’s a place for all variety of grace;
I think that we’ve found one.
When you look me in the eyes, I can see through your disguise,
I know I’m done for.
I’m not the patient type, I don’t practice sacrifice, 
It’s worth it for the times I hear your song.

You suddenly surfaced in the thick of it,
I had started pussy-footing with my politics.
You were a polyglot from the middle east,
You were a miserable student, a moveable feast.
You told me all about him on the TTC.
It was a blast for you, a blasphemy.

Some single father from Saskatchewan
Scored celebrity scrapping in some octagon .
He’s a little like me, colder you say.
He’s taller, he’s broader,He’s public domain,
He’s seven years sober and he’s on TV,
He’s the nation’s delight, I’m a non-entity.

So long thought lost for good and I’m at a loss for words.
You took a sad song, you made it sadder.
If I’ve been done wrong, it doesn’t matter.

He’s got killer candour and a candy store.
He’s got children your age but doesn’t see them anymore.
He could get you all the things you couldn’t get for free,
For a few small payments of complacency.
Seven months later its in leaglease; 
He can’t come near you or your company.

Here’s that tenner for your troubles, 
Now get going, ain’t it good to get gone?
Your pain is so precocious and it warrants a rebuttal;
You were wrong.
With time to grow you might move so slow and sly like some sycophant.
I would die, not for you, but just to throw a fit.
There was a crime but there was no culprit.
Now tell me what you make of it,
What the hell you make of it.

(Skeleton Park Version)

You were hard to ignore with your silver hair.
Was that the male gaze or an innocuous glare?
You said you’d never be a lawyer, you want to follow your dreams,
Move back to Nova Scotia, learn psychology.
You told me all about him in Skeleton Park,
Opened up a door and left me in the dark.

Palm read their lives, shape them like alabaster 
Take their Gemini genes, call them Pollux and Castor
One grew up determined while the other’s a disaster
What started out milquetoast made morphine his master
You pick your own price, you can’t pick your predator
Cross the party line like a penitent senator
Once in awhile I might walk you down the aisle instead

Let’s dream of the day you might defile that daydream
You’ll toss in the towel once I mainline the mainstream
One grew up in exile while the other lives on Main Street
He falls to his knees as he prays to Saint Maybe
The croup and the cholic make this crib feel colonial
Bathing in light, you look so matrimonial
Riding in shotgun makes no-one a someone tonight

A daring display of defection as you genuflect
Less like a language, this sounds more like a dialect
One’s named for nurture while the other’s named for neglect
It took one whole summer for his silence to be suspect
When you move in certain circles, you’ll be wasted by the end of it
They’ll beat you to your backbone, they’ll swear it’s for you benefit
Your kingdoms get conquered, the silence gets awkward each time

Nine months inside breeds formidable foundation
The public dries their eyes, moved by this gentle generation
One’s escaping Eden, while the other’s on probation
Take pity on that poor boy, he’s on permanent vacation 
Get screwed by the scalper, break into the bleeding-heart show
Quietly succeed or accept your sect quid-pro-quo
Exchanging your vows is all that matters now
And that’s air tight

We split up in Chinatown,
You left me to my own devices.
You said,
    “I’m sure that you’ll find your way around 
    Once you figure out the transit prices”.

This city, it’s a grid;
Think of all the things we did in perfect lines.
Practice what you preach;
You’ve made this promise to yourself a thousand times.

We met up in the old Yukon,
We made love beneath a midnight sun.
I remarked on your eloquence.
You smiled, you said,
    “It’s all counterfeit”.

You take the streetcar south,
You’re sure to run your mouth while you spit your lies.
The next thing that you know, I am awake in bed at home.
I’m losing my mind.

Emily, will you marry me
If I take the job in Dawson City?
You know that I’ve got schooling to do
But I might blow it off just to be with you.

This city, it’s a grid;
Think of all the things we did in perfect lines.
You said, “Boy, get over it.
    You can’t force the hand, most good things come with time”.

This city, it’s a grid;
Think of all the things we did in perfect lines.
Suspend your disbelief,
A bird in the hand is a symbol, it’s not a sign.